Re: [dev] automating running and building

From: hiro <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 00:53:26 +0100

are you asking how to compile "make program; program" into a C program?

On 1/7/16, Greg Reagle <> wrote:
> In the same spirit as my previous post about automating with entr ...
> I would love to be able to have some way for running a compiled C
> program that automatically runs make on the program before actually
> running the program.
> Of course I don't want all of my programs to work this way, but when I
> am working on a program's source code, it would save a lot of time and
> keystrokes.
> I know that I could use the compound command "make program; program" and
> that is not a bad solution as far as it goes, except that if I am using
> other programs that run/exec/fork program, then they fail to do the make
> which I want to be automatic.
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