Re: [dev] [ANNOUNCE] vis-0.1: first release of a vim-like editor

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 19:09:26 +0100

Marc André Tanner wrote:
> Did you (or anyone else) try it? First impressions? Which features did you
> miss the most?

Heyho Marc,

I built the standalone version and tried some stuff. I also went through my
vimrc to find any features I would like to use. Here are my comments in no
particular order.

- Why did you choose to use full black instead of the base03 color from

- Even after "fixing" the above the colors don't look like solarized in any way.
  If you don't know about this yet, I can provide a screenshot.

- Could you make `~` an instant action? Changing stuff to upper xor lower case
  can already be done by `gu` and `gU` and switching case on more than one
  character rarely makes sense. Also you could use visual mode for that.

- How am I supposed to set my default theme/tabwidth/relativenumber/… settings?
  I could not find the option in config.h.

- In vim I have setup tabs not to display a special "tab" character, but to use
  a slightly different background color (base02 instead of base03). This also
  applies to whitespace at EOL. How could I achieve that with vis without
  patching every syntax lexer?

- Using `set show newlines 0` (also for tabs and spaces) does not work.

- I miss the vim-like commandline shortcuts (`:e` instead of `:edit`)

- What about automatic text wrapping?

- Why do you keep the default vim behaviour of `Y`? Please make it consistent
  and just yank until EOL and not the whole line. Also with `<` and `>` in
  visual mode: It should not loose the visual selection, so you can (un)indent
  the lines multiple levels without using `gv` inbetween.

- `*` does not behave the same as in vim. When using star on `view->bla` it
  should search for `\<view\>`, but it also found `view_draw`, so there seems to
  be something wrong with the word delimiters when used by `*` (searching for
  `\<view\>` produces the expected result. Also the search string generated by
  pressing `*` should be added to the search history.

- Is hlsearch planned?

- I frequently use C-a and C-x to do basic addition/subtraction in vim.

- Any possibility to hook up a setting depending on the currently active mode? I
  like to have relativenumber in normal+visual mode while having normal line
  numbers in insert mode. Changing all the bindings in config.h seems a little

- Could you replace the `0` in relativenumber mode with the actual line number?
  Moving up/down 0 lines is not that hard without having the `0` in front. ;)

- Could you explain the concept behind the commandline history? When I used it
  to run a slightly changed previous command, the history was changed as well.

- Why the `:saveas` command? Couldn't you just use an optional argument to `:w`?

- Are you planning to implement buffers / having multiple files open at the same
  time? I often use the `switch to last used buffer` feature of vim.

- I noticed `d2tX` is not working as it is in vim. Is there a way to achieve the
  same deletion within vis in >= 4 keystrokes or is this also the "bug"
  mentioned in the README?

- What about word/file/line completion in insert mode?

- Why you no implement `g?`? ;)

I can probably help implementing a few of the mentioned features, but I would
like to hear your oppinion on them first. Great work so far, I planned to check
vis out quite a while ago and finally found the time.

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