Re: [dev] [vis] text_line_end() in insert mode

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 19:56:39 +0100

Marc André Tanner wrote:
> The END-mapping was actually using text_line_lastchar not text_line_end. I
> now added a new key action for text_line_end. The behaviour might still be
> inconsistent (for example in vim's visual modes `$` seems to behave like
> <End>) but at least it can now be configured via config.def.h.

Heyho Marc,

vim seems to be inconsistent here. It does not allow to move the cursor over
line break characters in normal mode (with empty lines as an exception), but
allows to do so in insert mode. However this inconsistency is ok, since it
prevents for example the following "mistake":

If you yank a word (without line breaks) and want to insert it at the end of a
line, the easiest way is to type `$p` in normal mode. If vim would allow you to
move the cursor above the line break, the word would be inserted *after* the
linebreak = at the beginning of the next line.

I don't know, if you think that inconsistency is worth keeping.

I also noticed some weird behaviours on files with \r\n line endings. Try
`$ll$$` for example.

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