Re: [dev] [bug][dwm] Fullscreen youtube after tag switch in 6.1

From: Carlos Pita <>
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2016 13:18:57 -0300

> Flash is very much a technical problem. Binary blob, catastrophic
> security record, X11 support is a giant hack (render a window on top of
> the page), absolutely non-portable outside of a few common
> OS+architecture combinations, want me to go on?

I don't care about flash at all. I just reported a problem I found.
Worthy answers could have been:

1. dwm is deliberately not supporting flash apps.
2. Ditto but this may point to another underlying problem.
3. You will have to contribute a patch yourself if you want it fixed.

Instead you decided to brag about "what I deserve". I'm not 15 years
old. I've been using and patching dwm and other suckless tools since
many years and I'm very happy with them, it's just that I don't need
to publicly validate my suckless zealotry at every opportunity.

I'm stopping this here because I don't want to further annoy other
users. So you have the last word.

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