[dev] QBE - A Compiler Backend

From: Quentin Carbonneaux <quentin_AT_c9x.me>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 18:32:23 +0000

Hi all,

don't be DICKS, DO NOT repost that on Hacker News or Reddit.
I will do it myself, if I do it one day. It is a disclosure
to only the suckless community.

Some of you might know, but I have been working on a small
compiler backend for some time. Its state now is fairly
satisfying and it is documented enough that it could be
useful to at least some here.

Its name is QBE (Quick Backend), I thought of SSC too (Simple
SSA Compiler), just so it would be easy to confuse with SCC.
It is smarter than tcc's and 8cc's backends. On some small C
programs I get 70% of GCC -O1 (yep, there is a small C frontend
in the minic/ directory of the repository). I will not go
through a lengthy description here since the website includes
a lot of information already (in particular a comparison with
LLVM, which I am sure you hate).

You can clone the repo, build it, and run the tests using
"make; make check". If it fails on your machine, let me
know and make sure you include enough information so that I
can produce a fix.

The next steps are to either make scc work with it as a
frontend, or try to come up with a new suckless language.
I am also now in close contact with Ori Bernstein, the main
developer of the Myrddin [0] programming language (which I
find definitely suckless), and we plan to work together to
tweak the Myrddin compiler to output QBE's intermediate

Find QBE at [1]. You have to rot13 the last part of the URL.

[0] Myrddin: http://myrlang.org
[1] QBE: http://c9x.me/pbzcvyr

-- Quentin
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