Re: [dev] [st] no focus events inside tmux

From: Amer <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 12:57:00 +0300

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 08:17:39AM +0200, wrote:

I'm glad someone finally tried it.:)

However, I wonder how you could receive this focus-in event:
> $ printf "\e[?1004h"
> ^[[I$
Because it don't work for me in dwm either.

Let's make more detailed test case:
  $ sudo pacman -S st dwm # Actually: st-0.6.3, dwm-6.1-3
  $ cat ~/.tmux.conf
      set -g default-command /bin/bash
      set -g focus-events on

In dwm:
  - A-S-<Enter> # to launch first _bare_ terminal
  $ st # to launch terminal from another
  $ tmux -L test # independent tmux server
  $ printf "\e[?1004h"
  - <C-v>
  - A-j/k

    - cursor slightly blinks, which indicates focus lost/gain
    - but nothing printed (no focus in/out events in tmux)
    - however on splitting tmux C-b % those events immediately shown


> and in st:
> $ st -e tmux
> erresc: unknown private set/reset mode 1005
> As you can see tmux is printing \e[?1005 to st, and
> the question is, why?. We don't have this sequence
> in any of the capabilities of our terminfo entry,
> so I suspect that tmux has it hardcoded. Look in
> the code of tmux to see why \e[?1005h is printed.
> In fact, we have 1000,1002,1003,1004 and 1006.
> I don't know what 1005 does, so this information
> may be interesting to.

I will look at it by curiosity, however if you really could make it
work on your accord, then it's not strictly related to problem.
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