Re: [dev] [st] minor issue and scrollback patch

From: Mitt Green <>
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 22:26:38 +0300

Draco Metallium wrote:

> Did you ever change config.def.h? By hand or maybe with another patch?

I did, by hand, after first clone from git. You know, there was no
config.h, so instead of copying config.def.h, I changed the latter.

> If so, just add "#define histsize 2000" to it
> (just after "static int borderpx..."), and compile.
> Remember to remove config.h, or you will
> have to add the line to it as well.

So, I put "#define ..." to both manually and now it's fine.

So, I wonder if cursor shape on inactive terminals could be changed,
'tis always an empty block [1].


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