Re: [dev] [st] possible bug with unicode character

From: Jochen Sprickerhof <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 23:37:51 +0200

* Marc Collin <> [2016-04-12 16:31]:
> So this is not a st bug and not a libc bug.

I think it's a libc bug as well, quoting man 3 wcwidth:

"The wcwidth() function returns the number of columns needed to
represent the wide character c. If c is a printable wide character, the
value is at least 0. If c is null wide character (L'\0'), the value is
0. Otherwise, -1 is returned."

So wcwidth('a') == 1, but wcwidth('☺') == -1 (but I would assume the
emoji is printable ;) ).

> Just a font bug?

Not even sure here, I assume xft pulls in other (non monospace) fonts to
display missing symbols.

Cheers Jochen

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