Re: [dev] [scc] issues with invoking

From: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 22:10:10 +0200

> I tried to ran cc2 from the directory, but it still hangs.
> Even if I simply try "./cc2". The same applies to
> cc2-amd64-sysv and cc2-i386-sysv.

yes, it is logical because cc2 reads the input data from stdin, so if
you execute it without piping into it the output of cc1 then it will
wait forever for the input of cc1. I think this is a good moment to
improve a bit the scc driver. I will try after the commit I am
writing for cc2-qbe.

Another good patch may be one that unifies the different cc1 into
only one program. At this moment, the only difference between
the cc1 versions is the architecture data they are reading, so
we can build a cc1 with support for multi-architecture (this cannot
be done in cc2, but it is doable in cc1).

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