Re: [dev] a few questions about watch in ubase

From: Lucas Gabriel Vuotto <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 16:15:23 -0300

I've an almost complete tput (the program) to add to ubase which has a
terminfo library at is core. I'm planning to send the patch in the next
week if I've time. Soon we'll be able to stop hardcoding this sequences.
Be patient :)

On 25/04/16 15:11, wrote:
>> clear(1) from ncurses also clears the scrollback buffer if the terminal
>> supports it (see the manpage), that's not what you'd want here. As for
>> portability, tput clear does `^[[2J^[[H` for basically everything:
> Dimitris, if I send patches to remove these hard coded sequences by
> calls to tput the patches will be accepted?
> Regards,

-- lv.
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