Re: [dev] "Note On Webkit Versions"

From: Aditya Goturu <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 10:53:25 +0530

Cargo pulling in libs for servo on a system with just rustc installed:
    Updating registry ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating git repository ``
 Downloading url v1.0.0
 Downloading libc v0.2.10
 Downloading euclid v0.6.6
 Downloading gleam v0.2.15
 Downloading env_logger v0.3.3
 Downloading app_units v0.2.3
 Downloading heapsize v0.3.5
 Downloading num v0.1.32
 Downloading serde v0.7.0
 Downloading rand v0.3.14
 Downloading serde_macros v0.7.2
 Downloading lazy_static v0.1.16
 Downloading getopts v0.2.14
 Downloading backtrace v0.2.1
 Downloading smallvec v0.1.5
 Downloading log v0.3.6
 Downloading deque v0.3.1
 Downloading bitflags v0.6.0
 Downloading rustc-serialize v0.3.19
 Downloading string_cache v0.2.13
 Downloading num_cpus v0.2.10
 Downloading heapsize_plugin v0.1.4
 Downloading kernel32-sys v0.2.1
 Downloading winapi v0.2.6
 Downloading winapi-build v0.1.1
 Downloading serde_codegen v0.7.2
 Downloading quasi v0.9.0
 Downloading aster v0.15.0
 Downloading quasi_macros v0.9.0
 Downloading quasi_codegen v0.9.0
 Downloading num-traits v0.1.32
 Downloading num-integer v0.1.32
 Downloading num-bigint v0.1.32
 Downloading num-complex v0.1.32
 Downloading num-rational v0.1.32
 Downloading num-iter v0.1.32
 Downloading matches v0.1.2
 Downloading encoding v0.2.32
 Downloading idna v0.1.0
 Downloading encoding-index-japanese v1.20141219.5
 Downloading encoding-index-tradchinese v1.20141219.5
 Downloading encoding-index-singlebyte v1.20141219.5
 Downloading encoding-index-korean v1.20141219.5
 Downloading encoding-index-simpchinese v1.20141219.5
 Downloading encoding_index_tests v0.1.4
 Downloading unicode-normalization v0.1.2
 Downloading unicode-bidi v0.2.3
 Downloading cfg-if v0.1.0
 Downloading backtrace-sys v0.1.3
 Downloading dbghelp-sys v0.2.0
 Downloading phf_shared v0.7.13
 Downloading debug_unreachable v0.0.6
 Downloading unreachable v0.0.2
 Downloading void v0.0.5
 Downloading phf_generator v0.7.13
 Downloading tenacious v0.2.0
 Downloading bincode v0.5.6
 Downloading byteorder v0.5.1
 Downloading uuid v0.2.0
 Downloading libz-sys v1.0.0
 Downloading gcc v0.3.26
 Downloading pkg-config v0.3.8
 Downloading offscreen_gl_context v0.1.3
 Downloading gl_generator v0.5.1
 Downloading xml-rs v0.3.0
 Downloading khronos_api v1.0.0
 Downloading bitflags v0.3.3
 Downloading x11 v2.3.0
 Downloading image v0.9.0
 Downloading time v0.1.34
 Downloading cssparser v0.5.5
 Downloading hyper v0.9.1
 Downloading servo-egl v0.2.1
 Downloading glx v0.1.2
 Downloading servo-skia v0.20130412.6
 Downloading servo-freetype-sys v2.4.11
 Downloading servo-glutin v0.4.16
 Downloading expat-sys v2.1.2
 Downloading servo-fontconfig v0.2.0
 Downloading shared_library v0.1.2
 Downloading x11-dl v2.4.0
 Downloading wayland-client v0.5.9
 Downloading wayland-window v0.2.3
 Downloading osmesa-sys v0.0.5
 Downloading wayland-kbd v0.3.5
 Downloading dylib v0.0.1
 Downloading wayland-sys v0.5.9
 Downloading crossbeam v0.1.6
 Downloading dlib v0.3.0
 Downloading libloading v0.2.1
 Downloading wayland-scanner v0.5.8
 Downloading xml-rs v0.2.2
 Downloading tempfile v2.1.2
 Downloading rustc_version v0.1.6
 Downloading semver v0.1.20
 Downloading memmap v0.2.3
 Downloading fs2 v0.2.3
 Downloading make-cmd v0.1.0
 Downloading servo-fontconfig-sys v2.11.3
 Downloading language-tags v0.2.0
 Downloading solicit v0.4.4
 Downloading traitobject v0.0.1
 Downloading cookie v0.2.4
 Downloading openssl v0.7.8
 Downloading httparse v1.1.0
 Downloading unicase v1.4.0
 Downloading mime v0.2.0
 Downloading typeable v0.1.2
 Downloading hpack v0.2.0
 Downloading openssl-sys-extras v0.7.8
 Downloading bitflags v0.4.0
 Downloading openssl-sys v0.7.8
 Downloading selectors v0.5.6
 Downloading fnv v1.0.2
 Downloading quickersort v1.0.1
 Downloading websocket v0.17.0
 Downloading enum_primitive v0.1.0
 Downloading glob v0.2.11
 Downloading png v0.4.3
 Downloading jpeg-decoder v0.1.4
 Downloading gif v0.8.0
 Downloading flate2 v0.2.11
 Downloading inflate v0.1.1
 Downloading miniz-sys v0.1.7
 Downloading rayon v0.3.1
 Downloading lzw v0.10.0
 Downloading color_quant v1.0.0
 Downloading net2 v0.2.19
 Downloading ws2_32-sys v0.2.0
 Downloading xi-unicode v0.0.1
 Downloading harfbuzz-sys v0.1.2
 Downloading unicode-script v0.1.1
 Downloading scoped_threadpool v0.1.7
 Downloading regex v0.1.69
 Downloading hbs-pow v0.2.0
 Downloading serde_json v0.7.0
 Downloading aho-corasick v0.5.1
 Downloading memchr v0.1.10
 Downloading utf8-ranges v0.1.3
 Downloading thread_local v0.2.5
 Downloading regex-syntax v0.3.1
 Downloading thread-id v2.0.0
 Downloading hbs-pow-sys v0.2.0
 Downloading hbs-common-sys v0.2.0
 Downloading hbs-builder v0.2.0
 Downloading cmake v0.1.17
 Downloading threadpool v1.0.0
 Downloading mime_guess v1.6.0
 Downloading immeta v0.3.2
 Downloading phf v0.7.13
 Downloading phf_codegen v0.7.13
 Downloading arrayvec v0.3.16
 Downloading nodrop v0.1.6
 Downloading odds v0.2.12
 Downloading phf_macros v0.7.13
 Downloading xml5ever v0.1.2
 Downloading ref_slice v0.1.0
 Downloading html5ever v0.5.1
 Downloading ref_filter_map v1.0.1
 Downloading caseless v0.1.1
 Downloading mac v0.0.2
 Downloading tendril v0.2.1
 Downloading utf-8 v0.6.0
 Downloading futf v0.1.1
 Downloading webdriver v0.9.0
On a 40MBit connection, it took 20 minutes. Still less deps than webkit, tho

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Sylvain BERTRAND
<> wrote:
> On Sun, May 01, 2016 at 01:23:54PM +0200, Sanel Zukan wrote:
>> Mitt Green <> writes:
>> >> but find me portable and usable C UI toolkit
>> >> without tons of dependencies
>> > ‎
>> > Tcl/Tk
>> Hell yeah +1
> Tk x11 widget toolkit needs Tcl scripting language...
> Not a lean set of C libs... :(
> --
> Sylvain

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