Re: [dev] [ii] how do you use it?

From: Mitt Green <>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 19:17:19 +0300

Kamil CholewiƄski wrote:

> You probably want irssi or bitchx or xchat or pidgin or.... ii is when
> you know exactly what you need and you see ii is the way to get it.
> Think of it as Lego for grownups.

So, FIFO in the description[1] means "fit in or f#$! off"?
By the way, thanks for the recommendations, I've never heard
of bitchx and only can recall irssi, even though they say
they are the most popular.

Josuah 'sshbio' Demangeon wrote:

> I tried this, and it worked for me. What I did (with more details):


Now that's helpful. Here's what I did:

$ ii -n puffyduff -s &
$ cd ~/irc/
$ echo "/j #ubuntu" > in
$ cd "#ubuntu"
$ tail -f out

User messages appeared.

Then opened another terminal:
$ cd "irc/"
$ echo 'sup noobs' >> in

Thanks to Evil_Bob _AT_ #2f30 for the message idea!

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