Re: [dev] [ii] how do you use it?

From: Troels Henriksen <>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2016 18:29:42 +0200

Kamil CholewiƄski <> writes:

> In all seriousness, ii is more of a library for use with shell scripts
> and custom plumbing than a fully-featured client. It can also be a base
> for a client you'd build. For example, try splitting a tmux window
> horizontally, putting "out" in the upper half, and "in" in the lower.

I can't say how well ii fits the bill for interactive uses, but in my
experience, sic[0] is much better for writing IRC bots. In fact, sic is
very very good. It takes the pain out of the low-level details of the
IRC protocol, but still provides a tremendously simple interface.


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/\ Henriksen
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