Re: [dev] running dwm from/with gnome

From: Timothy Rice <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 10:45:19 +1000

Dear all,

There seems to be some confusion around xsessions etc, resulting in some
factual errors in one or two recent emails. The following might be useful:

To summarise, .xsession is used as a custom script when starting X from a
display manager such as GDM. If you start X in this way, .xinitrc will
probably be ignored.

An .xinitrc is relevant if you're starting X without a display manager. If
you disable all your GDMs and LXDMs and SLiMs and the like, you'll be
offered a TTY when you boot. Logging into the TTY and running `startx` will
then run any instructions in your .xinitrc. In this case, .xsession should
be ignored.

I can't speak one way or the other for the .xsession file, but it is not
necessary for .xinitrc to be set executable. I use the TTY/startx approach
and my .xinitrc has mode 0600.

Kind regards,

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