[dev] opportunities for dwm docs to suck even less

From: Britton Kerin <britton.kerin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 16:12:31 -0800

There are a couple problems:

http://dwm.suckless.org/tutorial has:


To launch dwm, ideally you should setup a ~/.xinitrc with at least exec dwm.

this is arrangement-specific without mentioning the fact. It doesn't
work with most session setups on linux at least. It should be changed
either to specify the arrangements for which it does and doesn't work,
or removed on the general suckles principle that excess wrong stuff is
worse than nothing.

Same sort of issues in the README in the source:

Edit config.mk to match your local setup (dwm is installed into
the /usr/local namespace by default).

makes it sound as if prefix is the only thing likely to need changing,
while in reality for non-bsd the FREETYPEINC definition must be
commented out

README also includes the not generally correct .xinitrc advice

The into page that did get me going was:

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