[dev] [dwm] Window not created on external monitor with LibreOffice Impress

From: Chris Down <chris_AT_chrisdown.name>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 18:42:45 +0100

In some situations, I'm sadly forced to use a LibreOffice Impress to display
pptx files or equivalent. When presenting these, generally I like to have the
slides displayed on one monitor, and the presentation notes on another.

When connecting an external monitor, it is recognised by LibreOffice impress
(see attached photo), and it claims to be outputting the slides onto the
external monitor (on the basis that it does show the notes on the secondary
monitor), but they do not appear there.

I can still spawn clients on the other monitor, just LibreOffice does not spawn
a client with the slides there. I have no rules for this client in config.h.

Here's what `xwininfo -tree -root` says before and after:

    % diff -u /tmp/before /tmp/after
    --- /tmp/before 2016-05-31 18:35:00.610067019 +0100
    +++ /tmp/after 2016-05-31 18:35:08.623278190 +0100
    _AT_@ -3,7 +3,16 @@

       Root window id: 0xf7 (the root window) (has no name)
       Parent window id: 0x0 (none)
    - 32 children:
    + 35 children:
    + 0x1402368 "Untitled 1 - LibreOffice Impress": ("soffice" "Soffice") 1920x1080+0+1200 +0+1200
    + 1 child:
    + 0x1402369 (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+1199
    + 0x140231f "LibreOffice 5.0": ("soffice" "Soffice") 1920x1080+0+1200 +0+1200
    + 1 child:
    + 0x1402320 (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+1199
    + 0x1402325 "LibreOffice 5.0": ("soffice" "Soffice") 200x200+0+0 +0+0
    + 1 child:
    + 0x1402326 (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+-1
          0x140019c (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+-1
          0x1400081 "LibreOffice 5.0": () 1x1+0+0 +0+0
             1 child:
    _AT_@ -46,7 +55,7 @@
          0xe00008 "Fcitx Menu Window": ("fcitx" "fcitx") 200x40+0+0 +0+0
          0xe00007 "Fcitx Main Window": ("fcitx" "fcitx") 148x30+500+40 +500+40
          0xe00005 (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+-1
    - 0xe00003 "Fcitx Input Window": ("fcitx" "fcitx") 120x16+221+1259 +221+1259
    + 0xe00003 "Fcitx Input Window": ("fcitx" "fcitx") 120x16+5+1283 +5+1283
          0xe00002 (has no name): () 1x1+0+0 +0+0
          0xc0000d (has no name): () 1920x14+0+-14 +0+-14
          0x1400045 "Untitled 1 - LibreOffice Impress": ("libreoffice" "libreoffice-impress") 958x1078+960+1200 +960+1200

So it definitely looks like LibreOffice creates the window, just that it
doesn't end up being displayed on monitor 2.

This is with a heavily patched dwm 6.0[0] and LibreOffice

I'd appreciate any other ideas on how to debug this. If this turns out to be a
LibreOffice bug, I'll happily file a bug over there.



[0]: https://github.com/cdown/dwm

(image/png attachment: 2016-05-31_183211_641482978.png)

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