Re: [dev] first batch of renames pushed, but the new name scheme is somewhat bad...

From: Britton Kerin <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 16:19:40 -0800

On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 10:30 AM, FRIGN <> wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Jul 2016 13:14:30 -0800
> Britton Kerin <> wrote:
> Hey Britton,
>> This was the agreed format but in a way it's a change for the worse.
>> It splits the thing patched against (prog+version) into two parts and
>> puts the patch name in between. To see why this is bad consider
>> which stacks some patches on
>> top of each other to get different behaviors. Obviously we want the
>> patches to be mostly flat but that use case is reasonable.
>> It would be better to be consistent st
>> st-scrollback-git-20160620-528241a.diff
>> st-scrollback-mouse-git-20160620-528241a.diff
>> was instead:
>> st-git-20160620-528241a-scrollback.diff
>> st-git-20160620-528241a-scrollback-mouse.diff
>> This way things appended to the base name always represent
>> modifications of what comes before.
> No, this is not better. It makes sense if you only look at a patchset
> alone, but it's a bloody mess if you have multiple patch files, like
> many people do!

Good point. I guess it depends if you put the emphasis on clarity
for first encounter in the patch page or on order in the user's
collection later. I still favor optimizing for the patch page, since
that's what people encounter first and other systems are likely to
predominate later (e.g. all the patches I use go in my own repo

I'll just do it the way you guys want.

> A filename always has to satisfy a hierarchy. The most important
> information is which project it applies to, in this case "st". So we
> can all agree that this is the first part of the patchname.
> The second part is which patch we are talking about. It definitely
> should be the patchname itself, in this case "scrollback" or
> "scrollback mouse".
> The third part is the version. You either have one tagged against a
> fixed version, like
> st-scrollback-3.1.diff
> or a git version, which requires more information
> st-scrollback-git-20160620-528241a.diff
> Given we are currently in the process of automating the
> "maintainership" of patches, we will think about simplifying the git
> naming scheme in the future and maybe only including the git shorthash
> as a handle.
> The reason behind this is that if we have a githook automatically
> updating the patches on each git commit to st, dwm and so on, the date
> will be meaningless.

To me the availability of patches in the current format implies that they
are curated and cared for, and I don't trust automated systems like this
to work right. I'd rather just see a patch again an old version.

> However, we have many people here who are scared of rapid change.
> Some people suggest omitting the "git" in the filename of the diff,
> however, this is not an ideal solution. If you have many patches of one
> kind, the sorting will be all wrong. The "2016..." in a alphanumerical
> sorting (e.g. filename) will always be between fixed tag versions 2.x
> and 1.x. This is not desired.
> We can use the "git" tag and always be sure that it will be last, as
> numbers are usually preceding over letters like 'g'.

I liked having -git_ in there. (I see later you decided to omit).
Maybe all suckless users are git versed but I doubt it.
Seems like an example of expecting others to see the world like
you do. The patch names are already verbose, why not
make things explicit?

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