Re: [dev] New Suckless computer language?

From: Daniel V <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 19:44:16 +0200

2016-07-24 1:26 GMT+02:00, hiro <>:
> small languages are useful, as a language in the language.

One of the possibilities is to use the to compile byte code, and run
that code in a VM, integrated in your program written in C. Quite easy
as there is not much to learn.

Or you can implement the compiler, and the VM, in your C projects. So
extend, control, or configure your programs with text source files.
Thats with about 600 lines of C code.

Or you can compile our programs and have separate binaries to run in
the VM. But that part is missing, as I have to fix that it can compile
to x86 code, and run the program without any VM.

The fist compiler that I wrote in Javascript, compiled to 6502
machinecode, so you could make programs for the old commodore C64,
maybe not that useful for new projects, but quite fun. The generated
programs was just a little slower than normal hand coded assembly
programs for the 6502.

So you can do many things with it.

// Daniel V.
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