Re: [dev] [dmenu] [PATCH] Added option to prompt for passwords

From: Kajetan Jasztal <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2016 18:16:15 +0200

2016-07-25 23:22 GMT+02:00 Eric Pruitt <>:
> In general, I find showing the asterisks useful because if I
> accidentally press two keys at once or something, I have the opportunity
> to correct it rather than typing something then, hitting Enter and
> wondering what I did wrong. On a couple of occasions, I have also had a
> key break on my keyboard, and the password prompts I dealt with most
> often provided no feedback until after submission. It took me a bit to
> finally figure out what was going on, and having visual feedback
> would've made my life a little easier.

Asterisks are an improvement over blank prompt, and it probably helps in
cases you pointed out, but not that much. Hash masking [0] password
gives you more insight in mistakes you made while you are typing since
you can remember sequence of changing hashes while you type and
correct them on the fly. And probably there are tons of improvements you
can imagine.

I don't think dmenu will ever have such *feature* nor it should.
But that's what patches are for.

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