Re: [dev] JWM on website

From: Martin Kühne <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 22:47:31 +0200

JWM is hosted on github already and that is definitely where it
belongs. From there:

To build JWM you will need a C compiler (gcc works), X11, and the
"development headers" for X11 and Xlib. If available and not disabled
at compile time, JWM will also use the following libraries:

cairo and librsvg2 for SVG icons and backgrounds.
fribidi for bi-directional text support.
libjpeg for JPEG icons and backgrounds.
libpng for PNG icons and backgrounds.
libXext for the shape extension.
libXrender for the render extension.
libXmu for rounded corners.
libXft for anti-aliased and true type fonts.
libXinerama for multiple head support.
libXpm for XPM icons and backgrounds.

Also, from the file list it appears it uses autotools.
You're both a troll and new here and neither a contributor to, nor
even roughly familiar with the project you're pointing at.

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