Re: [dev] JWM on website

From: Timothy Rice <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 07:04:01 +1000

Hi Pat,

> Sure that it needs a bit of improvements...

1. I am not sure what problem JWM is trying to solve.
2. I do not think "improvements" will make it suck less.

Certainly there is a place in the world for JWM, just as there is a place
in the world for Openbox, Awesome, even Gnome and KDE. I used Gnome back in
the day before trying out XFCE, then Openbox, then Awesome, then XMonad,
before settling on dwm. Everyone has to start at their own starting point.

But just because there is a place for something in the world doesn't mean
it is built to suck less.

Do you think the JWM devs would be keen to strip out all the XML cruft and
go the dwm route, putting configs in a C header? I believe that is the kind
of improvement you would need to see before a suckless nomination would
make sense.

~ Tim
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