[dev] [tabbed] empty tabs with zathura

From: Luca C <luca.cpz_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2016 15:40:45 +0200

Hi everyone,
I searched a lot without finding any related info, so I hope this is the
right scope.

I'd like to use tabbed with zathura, but I see a strange behavior either

tabbed -cd zathura -e

or first spawning tabbed and then zathura with tabbed xid.

The behavior is: when spawning a new tab, some other tab (or even the new
tab) may become "void", empty.

I attach a screenshot of my personalized tabbed (of course it also happens
with vanilla, both stable and git). Here I spawned zathura with the first
command reported above, and then hit Ctrl-Shift-Return to open a new tab.
When the second tab is opened, the first one "goes blackout", that is gets
nullified and becomes unusable (I can only kill it). The screenshot depicts
this moment.

I tried the debug method suggested in your site, but it doesn't report
anything, nor on the zathura side threre seems to be errors or warnings.

Am I doing something wrong? Or what could cause this behavior?


(image/jpeg attachment: tabbed-zathura-problem.jpg)

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