Re: [dev] [st] Release planned?

From: FRIGN <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 16:54:01 +0200

On Thu, 11 Aug 2016 16:37:39 +0200
Joerg Jung <> wrote:

Hey Joerg,

> Seriously, you really want to start again the same stupid discussion
> about releases and version numbers, which last time led to splitting
> the mailing lists into dev and hackers?

chill down, you should know by know that Christoph is trolling more
than 50% of the time.

> Let’s summarise what we have:
> There are users who build from release sources and there is nothing
> wrong with it. There are also packages available for most major
> distributions build from the release tarballs, and users which use
> these packages, again nothing wrong with it.
> If you do not want this, you may really want to remove all existing
> tarballs and releases, from to state clear that these
> are not wanted and to avoid the above, but why did you provided them
> in the first then? ... and even if you do not provide them any
> longer, people will likely start rolling/providing and tagging own
> releases. For various reasons there are people which expect and want
> releases.

I agree with you there, but this is a limitation of the package
managers. For more complex projects, going bleeding edge is not the way
to go for "normal" users, but can we even talk of normal users wrt
suckless software?
It's a matter of responsibility, but I understand the notion of even
professional users to run a stable version at the end of the day, just
to make sure. It also makes it simpler to apply patches to it, as soon
as patches are released for a stable version (I'm on it).



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