Re: [dev] [st] most suckless way to scroll & multiplex

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 23:24:38 +0200

Joseph Graham wrote:
> I am accustomed to having scrolling and multiplexing (in > xfce4-terminal).
> To get these the suckless way should I:
> a. use tmux/screen
> b. use tabbed and the st scrollback patch
> c. something else

Heyho Joseph,

for local multiplexing I use tabbed, since its keybindings are way easier to use
(mod+BLA instead of mod+prefixkey, then BLA). For remote multiplexing I use tmux
since it is mostly available on those systems and tmux is easier than opening up
another ssh connection even with "ControlMaster auto". Scrollback I don't use as
normal user, I just learned to use less for things which do not fit on one
screen page. For root however I use tmux for it's scrollback (and multiplexing,
no need to become root multiple times) feature, since there might be some
unexpectedly long output on e.g. package updates, which I would want to scroll
back to and I'm too lazy to always use less as root to be prepared for all

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