Re: [dev] [surf] segfault at web inspector (WebKitGTK+)

From: Paul Menzel <>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 11:17:13 +0200

Dear Reimundo,

On 08/14/16 18:23, Reimundo Heluani wrote:
> Dear all, first of all congratulations and thank you for surf! it is the
> best browser I have come around in years. I am getting a segfault when running
> surf-0.7 with the web inspector open trying to debug a page with a java
> script. Attached is the JRE error log. I can get a meaningful core dump but
> those are large to attach in an e-mail. The segfault happens either when
> stepping into or stepping over.
> Steps to reproduce
> 1) surf
> 2) open the web inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+o)
> 3) reload the page with the breakpoints enabled
> 4) step into
> Actual result: SIGSEGV
> Expected result: continue debugging the program.

Are you able to reproduce this with Google Chromium, Epiphany? Id say
that its a WebKitGTK+ [1] problem, and Id bring the issue up with them.


Best regards,

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