Re: [dev] st lack of scrollback

From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 15:11:25 +0000

2016-08-16 6:39 GMT, Britton Kerin <>:
> The problem is you imagine your weird factorization of an extremely
> common bit of
> terminal emulator functionality is somehow the right one. You say use
> dvtm. But
> dvtm is 4500 lines and I want nothing else from it. It's 95% redundant with
> dwm
> and I don't see the point at all. The st scrollback patches together
> are maybe 100
> lines. The fact that dvtm is a different binary is irrelevant, your
> solution is bloated
> and inconvenient. It's your software, have it the way you want of
> course, but don't
> kid yourself that it's a generally good approach for most users. I
> guess probably
> 95% who try st for the first time are going to miss scrollback. The
> minimalist
> philosophy shouldn't mean omitting small and almost universally desirable
> features.

1. the suckless user is not the general user, and does not
    write software to please any desire they may have, but to give a
    general solution written as to be easily adapted to a particular requirement
2. homegrown suckless software is kept to a bare minimum, if more features
    are needed one have to patch it or create companion hacks to the tools
3. homegrown suckless software uses the unix software required by posix
    to grant configurability and compatibility across systems. It uses
    these kind of tools to extents that the general guy you see on linux chats
4. homegrown suckless software use very permissive licensure to grant any
    kind of modification on copies of its software is allowed and encouraged
5. If you or any user don't know how to use patch, make, or reading diffs
    and editing c source files, it's your fault
6. mainline st emulates vt10x terminals, no dec vt10x had scrollback afaik

Would you please take a moment to acknowledge these simple statements?

It's easier to add those 100 lines to st, but it's ethically bad.
Why don't you fork st and put the bloody scrollback patch in it on every
version bump instead of whining and overthinking about these guys'
motivations? You can even sit on your buttcheeks and git clone from
one of the st forks with scrollback, there are thousands on github.
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