Re: [dev] Never Ending Systemd Chronicles

From: Antenore Gatta <>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 00:03:13 +0200

Greetings to everybody,

I'm a long time reader.

It looks like we've just got another cherry [0] above our chocolate cake.

Lennart has just released (committed about a day ago [1] ) an "amazing"
new command, systemd-mount.

The main feature is:

> instead of executing the mount operation directly and immediately,
systemd-mount schedules it through the service manager job queue, so
that it may pull in further dependencies (such as parent mounts, or a
file system checker to execute a priori), and may make use of the
auto-mounting logic.

I want to see what happens when a nfs or cifs file system mount get stuck.

Do you think they have even tested cases like this?!?!?

BTW, I'm not so good in programming to be able to critic their choices,
but there is something wrong in that, fullstop!


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