Re: [dev] [st/dwm] Alt-Shift-C and Mod1-Shift-C

From: Joshua Haase <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 12:52:13 -0600

Patrick Bucher <> writes:

> Hi there,
> I'm using st and dwm at the same time, and today I discovered a little problem
> when using the default config of both programs. st uses Alt-Shift-C to copy text
> into the clipboard, dwm uses Mod1-Shift-C for closing the selected window,
> whereas Mod1 is Alt by default, at least on my machine. (Maybe some of you use
> Super_L, vulgo "the Windows key".)

> How do you deal with that?

Indeed I user Super_L key for dwm, because many programs use Alt for
their own keyboard bindings.

Also, I use the mouse for copying and use autocutsel for syncing
selection and clipboard. So I mostly do not copy using Alt-Shift-C.

> PS: Anybody using Arch Linux here? Since the fontconfig update today st no
> longer works with my font of choice Terminus. Just in case somebody has the same
> problem... here's my font[] definition:

I Arch and my font is Adobe Pro.
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