Re: [dev] Request for name suggestions: suckless video editor

From: Mohammed Zohaib Ali Khan <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 01:34:40 +0530

> How about `Tasveer'. It actually means pictorial representation of
> information and it can alternatively be abbreviated to tsvr -
> Teletyped Simple Video Revision[er] (or something else with R. I
> honestly feel `Revision[er]' is cooler than `editor' ;) ).
> Regards,
> Zohaib

Adding to my previous comment `Tasveer' has a deep meaning. It comes
from the root letters TSVR. Which when used in this sequence form
words which are all used to express similar meanings. Some of which I
know of are:

1. Tasavvur - To imagine.
2. Tasveer - Pictorial representation.

There are many coming out of these root letters but unfortunately I do
not know all, as I am no linguist in semetic languages.


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