Re: [dev] Request for video player recommendation with a good playlist

From: Mattias Andrée <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 13:13:46 +0100

On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 13:03:53 +0100
Martin Kühne <> wrote:

> While vlc is admittedly a bunch of crap, I have no real
> suggestion for a playlist editing player. you could wrap
> mpv with some playlist-managing DIY thing, though, as it
> does IPC but could as well be quit with SIGQUIT...
> What's the reasoning behind this question though, why do
> you need to edit the playlist all the time?

I don't need it all the time, I use mpv too, but sometimes
I have a lot of videos I want to watch, but not in alphabetical
order, so I have to reorder them sometimes, and sometimes
I want to move a video in the playlist down because I feel
like watching it later. Sometimes I also want to add new
videos to the playlist.

Forgot to mention that it is preferable if it can playback
videos in faster than normal tempo. But I can work around
this with ffmpeg if necessary.

> cheers!
> mar77i

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