Re: [dev] Internet privacy/decentralisation projects

From: Alexander Krotov <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 23:20:04 +0300

On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 04:18:40AM +0000, Caleb Malchik wrote:
> I was wondering what the suckless community thinks about various
> projects aimed at Internet decentralisation and privacy

Decentralization results in metadata leakage and therefore reduces
privacy. By splitting the system into components that communicate over
the network you expose internal communications. Privacy then may come
from separation of control over various parts of the system that is only
possible in decentralized systems, but it is a separate task.

> My personal reason for asking is that I have the opportunity this
> spring to get paid to contribute to an open source project of my
> choosing, which has a "democracy-enhancing" (or preserving) effect. Of
> course all Suckless projects are democracy-enhancing in a way, but for
> this I'm looking at projects with more of a focus on societal impact
> and the potential for mass adoption. Projects I've looked at include
> IPFS [1], cjdns [2], and Tox [3].

Look at It has a chance to suck less than XMPP and
eventually replace it. Matrix is HTTP under the hood, which is still
better than infinite-XML-document-over-TCP. Unlike IRC you get working
federation instead of permanent netsplits, VOIP and builtin E2E encryption.

Desktop client that is not just a packaged webapp is needed.
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