Re: [dev] [announce] ff2sixel: view farbfeld images in terminal

From: hiro <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 11:55:33 +0100

what leander says finally makes more sense.
sadly scrollback, command history, etc. is way too crude.
always found linux terminal scrollback buffers unusable, so I try not
to rely on it at all.
example: make the terminal smaller, make it bigger again: lines have
been cut off...

On 3/21/17, Leander S. Harding <> wrote:
> This conversation comes around periodically, and the thing no-one ever
> seems to mention is: now these images are in your scrollback and as
> you scroll through what you're doing, you seem them instead of just
> the reference beginning 'feh ...'. This is really useful if you use
> scrollback Matlab-style as a sort of externalized medium-term memory
> like I do.
> That doesn't mean I think st should become Terminology, mind, but
> there *is* a use-case here.
> Now, while we're dreaming, what'd *really* be useful is a Matlab-style
> 'ans' function that pipes out the result of the nth-last command's
> stdout/err. ! and friends aren't suitable because the output might be
> different on re-run - I'm talking about grabbing what got written to
> the terminal since the last shell prompt.
> Should be pretty easy to implement with something like dvtm's select pipe.
> -Leander
> On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 2:10 AM, hiro <> wrote:
>> why would one want to view images in st, can't your shell start other
>> graphical programs for that? is st becoming a new kind of web browser
>> now? and why don't you open remote images using a remote file system
>> instead of fucking around with remote shells and then trying to
>> display them in a local terminal?!
>> i mean even loonix can do this already. sshfs, qiv (or other proper
>> graphical application of your choice). you even have a window manager
>> in your same old project here, why not open some windows already?
>> On 3/20/17, Laslo Hunhold <> wrote:
>>> On Mon, 20 Mar 2017 02:57:20 +0300
>>> Alexander Krotov <> wrote:
>>> Hey Alexander,
>>>> I have crafted a program to convert farbfeld images to sixels:
>>> this is very cool! Sixels are definitely an interesting concept to view
>>> images over an SSH-connection.
>>>> Too bad st does not have a patch to display sixels, so I am going
>>>> to use mlterm when I need to browse images. One simple way to
>>>> implement it in st is to cut out sixel images, convert them back
>>>> to farbfeld (with separate process) and pass result to lel. Not
>>>> going to do it now, just an idea.
>>> There were discussions on sixel support in st, and I think even some
>>> code written for it. Can anybody give a status update on that one?
>>> With best regards
>>> Laslo
>>> --
>>> Laslo Hunhold <>
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