Re: [dev] [announce] ff2sixel: view farbfeld images in terminal

From: Amer <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 21:55:14 +0200

> It is a bug in st and xterm. tmux and screen handle it by
> reflowing lines, wrapping them if necessary.

... And this tmux wrapping is thoroughly broken.

> dvtm makes end of lines invisible [1] but keeps them in memory.

But this idea seems reasonable, as standalone from scrollback.
No cropping ever. Ah, how it sounds...

And what $COLUMNS will you report to term apps?
Some of them (like ps) crop their output themselves.
Some (like cat /proc/self/maps) align data columns on term width.
So, desired effect still won't be achieved.
But if you change $COLUMNS it will break much more of other apps.

So, no silver bullet.
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