[dev] [ANNOUNCE] vis-0.3 with structural regexp support

From: Marc André Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 11:12:17 +0200


I'm pleased to announce that after a year of development vis-0.3 finally
was released:


The release tarball is signed using signify(1), use the following public
key[1] for verification purposes:

 untrusted comment: vis editor public key

A lot has been improved in the meantime, the following non-exhaustive list
mentions a few notable changes:

 - Support for sam's structural regular expression based command language

 - Various bug fixes related to multiple cursor/selection support. New
   functionality to navigate among cursors (`<C-u>`, `<C-d>`), align
   (`<Tab>`, `<S-Tab>`), rotate (`+`, `-`), trim (`\`) or drop
   (`<C-c>`, `<C-l>`) selections.

 - Improved Lua API, featuring a new event subscription mechanism and the
   possibility to define custom operators, motions, text-objects, `:set`
   options and more. Notice however that at this point no API stability
   guarantee is provided.

   You might have to update your `visrc.lua` configuration file, check the
   Documentation for details:


 - New standalone tools vis-menu (`:o .`), vis-digraph (`<C-k>`) and
   vis-complete (`<C-k>`) for a simple file open dialog, digraph support
   and word completion, respectively.

 - Multiple bug fixes for vi(m) functionality, including improved count
   and repeat handling as well as better cursor positioning, `cw`, shift,
   join and autoindent implementation.

 - New key mapping processing based on longest unique match.

 - Optional libtre based regex backend for more memory efficient forward

 - Respect umask when creating new files, previously they were only
   read/writable by the current user. Also fsync(2) destination
   directory after rename(2) when performing an atomic save operation.

 - New `:set` options to configure the used shell, escape delay, file save
   method and context to consider for syntax highlighting.

 - True color support in lexer themes, in case the terminal supports
   color palette changes.

 - Minimal built-in `:help [pattern]` command.

 - Incorporated upstream changes to LPeg based lexers used for syntax
   highlighting from the Scintillua project.

 - New set of manual pages in mdoc format. HTML versions are available at:


 - Experimental raw vt100 UI backend for resource constraint environments.

 - Various code cleanups and bug fixes reported by static analysis and
   fuzzing tools.

Check the git log for further details. We also populated the wiki with
a few basic pages, including a FAQ:


I would like to thank the following people who contributed patches for
this release:

 Adrian Room, Alexandre Rames, Alexey Dubinin, Chloe, Christian Hesse,
 David B. Lamkins, Eric Garver, Erlend Fagerheim, James Campos,
 Joshua Haase, Josh Wainwright, Josuah Demangeon, Klemens Nanni,
 Larry Hynes, Lawrence Luo, Luiz de Milon, Michael Forney,
 Michel Martens, Murray Calavera, Richard Burke, Rob Pilling,
 S. Gilles, Silvan Jegen, Steven Noonan, stutonk, Tim Allen,
 Vlad Glagolev

In the future I would like to further improve Unicode handling, large file
performance, enhance the Lua API and introduce support for asynchronous

As always, comments, bug reports and patches welcome.


[1] https://martanne.github.io/vis/vis.pub
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