Re: [dev] [announce] mle: a small terminal-based text editor

From: Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:56:37 -0400

>> WTF. Did you write a program to generate this much? I've seen
>> operating systems that ran really well at that line count.
>My definition of sloc is roughly `cat *.c *.h | wc -l`. Using this
>metric on other editors:
> …

These SLOC debates are counter-productive and almost as bad as the “my
language/license/x sucks less than yours” threads. Sadly, a lot of
space on this ml is wasted on these topics.

mle is too complex for my taste (scripting and syntax highlighting
seem unecessary, though I’m in the grumpy minority here), but it might
be good for people who want a scriptable term-based editor. vis is a
strong competitor here, however. It’s cool that you’ve taken sam as a
model for your edit language, and I’d like mle more if it had less
extensibility and more sam-esque elegance.

Is there a reason you chose PCRE over Lua/LPEG?


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