Re: [dev] [st] Emojis

From: Janne Heß <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 21:30:26 +0200

What I also found is that several unicode combine characters aren't
detected properly. For example, a female black police officer (rarely
used, but exists) is rendered as three different emojis (color, gender
and police officer). I assume st doesn't does this processing, but which
library does it so I can report a bug?

On 09/17/2017 09:03 PM, ACE wrote:
> On 09/17, Janne Heß wrote:
>> It looks like the crash is caused by the font.
>> Switching from noto emoji to emoji one fixes the crash. I'll try looking
>> into the grid escaping bug...
> I'd say escaping the grid is the result of not using UTF8. That was my
> guess before Stefan enlightened me with the .screenrc. I just figured
> .screenrc defaulted to utf8, I guess it doesn't. Maybe you should update
> your .tmuxrc to adjust for this.

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