Re: [dev] Privilege escalation on remote hosts. MANY remote hosts.

From: Antenore <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 16:21:08 +0000

>Now back to PrivEsc, I actually found Antenore's suggestion inspiring.
>It would work if we could force only part of the command to remain
>constant, and use the constant part to perform non-interactive
>authentication (e.g. by verifying a provided secret). Essentially
>delegate authentication to a sub-command in a Bernstein-style exec
>chain, like this:
>$ sudo -n -- verifyme -- ./my-amazing-script
> ^ substitute doas, sup, etc
> ^ authn helper, no suid
> ^ arbitrary; exec only if authn successful
>- Can perform non-interactive verification
>- No new suid cruft on your system; can be written in plain sh
>- No black magic, keep existing setup almost untouched
>- Just one extra rule in sudoers / doas.conf / config.h
>- Reuses and plays nice with existing PrivEsc methods
>- ?

Thank you for clarifying. Later (well I hope) I'll show exactly what we do. As we use also the var SSH_ORIGNAL_COMMAND in the remote script.

SSH keys management itself is the cons.
We've some hundreds of keys, therefore you must keep a good Inventory of the keys.
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