Re: [dev] (academic) reading suggestions associated to the minimalist/suckless design philosophy?

From: Aeliton G. Silva <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018 11:45:33 -0300

On Fri, 2018-06-29 at 11:42 +0200, Jens Staal wrote:
> Dear all,
> Do you have any reading suggestions (preferably academic papers, but
> books
> might also work) in alignment with the "suckless philosophy" (or
> "minimalism").
> It does not have to be specifically programming, it could also be
> engineering
> and design in general (art might be a stretch, but if you know some
> good
> litterature in that field I am open to that too).


My interest in the suckless projects happen after I read The Art of
Unix Programming. It would be my recomendation for you.

It states priciples such as 'programs should do one thing only and do
this thing well'. This kind of principle guides lots of basic programs
in the *nix systems, I think dwm, dmenu, st and slock are the graphical
programs that does their things only and well for me.

Good luck with you work,
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