Re: [dev] [st] Hardcoded colors. Can I change them runtime?

From: Timur Fayzrakhmanov <>
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2018 18:44:32 +0200

> Just in case it is still relevant I cite a part of dwm description
> from where it explains why editing the source code and
> recompilation is the best way of configuring such type of software

Daniel, thanks. Yep, I've read the excerpt. I agree about the security
but the configuring experience is quite overwhelming. It's ok when you
apply 1-2 patches. The first time I faced with such a approach I were
truly excited (it was like a WOW effect)! But when I applied 5 patches
(in case of dwm) - I stuck with a situation when some of them can not
be applied since the lines they relay on were shifted. Finally, I end
up manually finding and fixing the lines spending hours (I'm not C nor
Shell expert). So this way certainly has its own drawbacks.

Back to st and colors..

What I'm trying to achieve is simply the following:
What I've got is *simply* the following: . As
you can see, the last 16-21 colors are incorrect.
What I'm trying to do now is to reach these colors. So, can any body
hint me how to set color16-21 from within config.def.h?

For convenience, excerpt from config.def.h:
static const char *colorname[] = {
/* 8 normal colors */

/* 8 bright colors */

[255] = 0,

/* more colors can be added after 255 to use with DefaultXX */

Just in case, base16 works as follows:
put_template() { printf '\033]4;%d;rgb:%s\033\\' $_AT_; }

# 16 color space
put_template 0 $color00
put_template 15 $color15

# 256 color space
put_template 16 $color16
put_template 17 $color17
put_template 18 $color18
put_template 19 $color19
put_template 20 $color20
put_template 21 $color21

Timur F.
Received on Sun Aug 05 2018 - 18:44:32 CEST

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