[dev][dwm][PATCH] Fix memory leaks

From: Isaac Andrés Canales Martínez <icanalesm0500_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2018 10:21:50 +0200


I am quite new in the suckless world and this is the first time that I
contribute, so apologies in advance if I am not communicating or doing
things the way I am supposed to.

Some weeks ago I sent patches to the hackers mailing list to fix
memory leaks and to fix code style in dwm. I think these fixes should
be included in dwm's mainline tree.

The memory leaks were introduced in commit
7af4d439bdb5a2e40aca69446a3367bd71431c45 when importing code from
libsl. The patch I submitted
(https://lists.suckless.org/hackers/1806/16417.html) fixes these
leaks. I assume chages made to drw.{c,h} in this patch should be
included in libsl as well.

The second patch (https://lists.suckless.org/hackers/1806/16416.html)
fixes code style by alphabetically ordering functions definition and

I have seen much interaction and discussion in this mailing list, that
is why I decided to write here about these fixes.

Kind Regards,
Isaac A. Canales
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