[dev] [st] Cannot display unicode characters for example '\U1F50D'

From: Enan Ajmain <3nan.ajmain_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:34:41 +0600

I am using the current HEAD of the st repository. My personal
configurations are here:

I'm trying to display the following icon '\U1F50D', but it doesn't
show in ST terminal. But it appears properly in xfce4-terminal. I have
checked with some other unicode characters and it seems like that ST
can show upto a range of unicode characters. Unicode characters have
two ranges, for the first range you have to use `\u`, a lowercase `u`,
whereas for the second range, you've to use `\U`, an uppercase `u`.

I cannot figure out what is the problem. Maybe I need to use some
specfic fonts. It would be great I could get some help fixing this.

Enan Ajmain
Received on Mon Feb 25 2019 - 15:34:41 CET

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