[dev] HSTS issues on suckless.org

From: opal hart <opal_AT_wowana.me>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 02:41:37 +0000

> wmii.suckless.org uses an invalid security certificate. The
> certificate is only valid for the following names: core.suckless.org,
> dl.suckless.org, dwm.suckless.org, ev.suckless.org, git.suckless.org,
> gunther.suckless.org, libs.suckless.org, lists.suckless.org,
> mx.suckless.org, oldgit.suckless.org, st.suckless.org,
> stagit.suckless.org, suckless.org, surf.suckless.org,
> tools.suckless.org, www.suckless.org

Quote should say it all: wmii.suckless.org is not a subdomain covered
by the site's certificate, and HSTS makes it "impossible" to override
or ignore this error (impossible for me, at least, since I wish to use
only the HTTPS version of the site).

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