[dev] [dmenu] Segfault upon input

From: Josh Hansen <hansen.joshuaa_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 12:27:20 -0700

I'm relaying a common bug report from i3wm that appears to be a dmenu
issue involving a segmentation fault upon any user input. You can see
the reports here: https://github.com/i3/i3/issues/3619

This occurs in dmenu 4.9. It seems that at least for some users, this
version gives a segmentation fault when entering any text input into
the dmenu input box. This impairs essentially all use of dmenu.

Here is how I can bring about the bug:

1. Invoke dmenu using the i3 shortcut
2. Type any text input key
3. dmenu exits immediately

Upon further inspection, this can be shown to be a segmentation fault.
From the command line:

$ gdb dmenu
$ (gdb) run < /dev/null
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
XmbLookupString (ic=0x0, ev=0x7fffffffcf50, buffer=0x7fffffffd010
<incomplete sequence \302>, nbytes=32, keysym=0x7fffffffcec0,
status=0x7fffffffcdc0) at ICWrap.c:403
403 if (ic->core.im)

This appears to be a dmenu-specific issue as it can be reproduced
similarly from within a non-i3 window manager.

My system is Fedora 29, dmenu 4.9. The error appears to have been
introduced upon upgrading from dmenu 4.8, before which dmenu
functioned properly.

- Josh
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