[dev] [surf] Keyboard Buttons for Surf

From: Kai Jewson <kai.jewson_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2019 16:44:42 +0100


Christian Hahn's easy links for surf is very outdated and doesn't work
anymore, so I wrote another version called keyboard buttons. It
provides several improvements/features:
- It adds the labels to the end of the DOM, to avoid messing with the
website's code
- It not only works for <a> elements, but also <button> elements
- It uses letters instead of numbers 1-5 so it is easier to reach
- modkey+r is a reserved combination for reloading the positions of the labels
- While holding down modkey, pressing escape cancels the current input

Other than that, it works the same as easy links. It also has a few
unavoidable flaws; sometimes the keyboard shortcuts used conflict with
the website's, a good example of that is that on Wikipedia alt+e is
used to start editing the page, but can also appear as a label. As a
workaround you can disable the use of the letter 'e' when generating
the labels, or you can automatically redirect to the mobile site of
Wikipedia which doesn't have keyboard shortcuts.


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