Re: [dev] multi-column text editing and viewing like tcvt

From: Ahmed Khaled (David Gabriel) <"Ahmed>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2019 06:05:15 +0200

Hey Greg Reagle,

Actually I want to thank you about mentioning tcvt. I know this feature
form Emacs follow-mode and I used it, and I really want to use it outside

So yeah I know about it and didn't know if I could use it without emacs,
But talking about vim, I searched about "vim follow-mode" and I found
a buggy way to do it qhich didn't make me happy now make me re-use
it again

On 21 September 2019 16:02:47 EET, Greg Reagle <> wrote:
>Greetings. I just discovered (or more probably, discovered a long time
>ago, forgot about, and rediscovered) multi-column text editing and
>viewing. And I am thinking this is very useful, especially with the
>modern craze for wide screens. I am referring to the feature
>implemented by Emacs follow mode [1] and tcvt [2]. I can even run htop
>in multiple columns with tcvt which is pretty cool.
>So, my questions for you are: Do you use this feature? Do you achieve
>a similar goal in a different way? Are there any other programs that
>have this feature? Maybe an implementation of vi?

A.K.    Ahmed Khaled
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