Re: [dev] [dwm][center] How do I use 'center'?

From: Anders Damsgaard <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 09:45:21 +0100

* Hiltjo Posthuma <> [2019-11-28 09:29:54 +0100]:

>On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 11:42:32PM +0100, Søren Christensen wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've succesfully installed dwm and added the patches, that I want.
>> I find the information on the 'center'-patch a bit short.
>> How do I use the center-patch to create a centered terminal with calc
>> (or another terminalbassede application)?
>> How do I set the 'iscentered' flag?
>> Thanks,
>> severino
>The patch seems to add an extra flag to the rule. The field is "iscentered".
>So probably adding some rule matching the calc application class and set
>"iscentered" = 1.

In order for the behavior to work, it is my understanding that the WM_CLASS
or WM_NAME values should match the rules struct definition in your
config.h. I don't use the centered patch for terminals, but maybe you can
make it work by specifying a custom window name, class, or title upon
launch (e.g., st options -n, -c, or -t). With other X applications it
works flawlessly on my end. I have the following rule definition in my

static const Rule rules[] = {
        /* xprop(1):
         * WM_CLASS(STRING) = instance, class
         * WM_NAME(STRING) = title
        /* class instance title tags mask iscentered isfloating monitor */
        { "Tor Browser", NULL, NULL, 0, 1, 1, -1 },

and the above makes Tor Browser starts as a floating window in the middle
of the screen.

Cheers, Anders
Anders Damsgaard
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