Re: [dev] [st] monospace rendering gaps

From: Eric Pruitt <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 10:55:27 -0800

On Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 06:19:16PM +0000, wrote:
> I know I am walking on eggs: it seems st monospace font rendering with freetype
> (I use dejavu mono) has some vertical and/or horizontal gaps (whatever the
> rendering size).
> To illustrate, with lynx web browser:
> I don't know what is the bottom of this, anyone?

I've had this same problem since I upgraded to Debian 10. I believe this
is due to changes in character bounding box sizes because you can fix
this by adjusting cwscale and chscale. On my systems, I only have
vertical gaps, and setting chscale to 0.94 removes them. I submitted a
patch to the mailing list to allow both values to be specified using
absolute values of pixels instead of multipliers
( so you can ensure
bounding boxes were always the same size regardless of what the font
library reports character dimensions to be, but it was not committed.

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