[dev] [dwm] Crash (possibly related to ru_bottomstack?)

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 16:49:50 -0500


First off, thanks for writing such a great program (and perhaps more
importantly, sharing it). I am very new to dwm and yet I have already
been enjoying it quite a lot, and quite excited at it's possibilities.

Second, I suspect my problem may be related to patches, however
https://suckless.org/community states that dev is for "users, ... bug
reports and general discussion" so I thought I would try here
first. Hope that's alright.

Now on to the issue...

Installation / Background Notes

I git cloned latest / default branch (whatever you get by cloning
git.suckless.org/dwm) to my machine, and then applied the following
patches, in this order:


I had to add a line ending somewhere once or twice IIRC before git
would apply one or more of the patches, but I don't think that is
significant (just mentioning for completeness sake).

I then copy config.def.h to config.h, edit it to my taste and finally:

sudo make clean install

And everything seemed to go off without errors.

I have some tweaking yet to do of course, but it seems most all
functionality works as it should.

The Actual Problem / Crash

Every time I try to pull a window from Stack up to Master with
Mod+Enter, dwm completely crashes and I end up back out at the lightdm
greeter. :/

If I am recalling correctly, it seems this only started happening once
I incorporated the ru_bottomstack patch. I cannot right now swear that
is the problem, it just seems that way at the moment. I guess one
(easy) way to find out...

Some More Details (possibly unrelated)

I thought I should mention the following:

   - My base system is(/was) regular Debian Buster with XFCE. I boot
     into lightdm by default. Before I built dwm from source and
     installed it, I did a quick apt install dwm just so I could make a
     copy of the file located at /usr/share/xsessions/dwm.desktop (even
     though that file is pretty simple). Then I apt purge dwm to get
     rid of repository version. Now dwm is one of the options in
     lightdwm drop down menu. This works, but I have some other issues
     with gtk themes, etc. But that's a separate issue I suspect I will
     figure out in time. I only mention it because...

   - Due to above, after getting to desktop I am manually starting
     xfsettingsd, mostly for dark theming reasons in some programs that
     require it, but it also sets my multi monitor desktop geometry (20
     30 20 PLP setup). This used to work fine, but lately I am getting
     the following error (which I was not before):

     - Failed to connect to session manager: Failed to connect to the
       session manager: SESSION_MANAGER environment variable not
       defined xfsettingsd: No window manager registered on screen 0.

     - (xfsettingsd:11220): xfsettingsd-WARNING **: 16:04:38.707:
       Failed to get the _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS property.

I... think that covers everything?

I suppose next step is to try and narrow it down to a particular
patch, but I thought I would lodge this here to marinate in the
meantime in case anyone had any other ideas, or in case I might be
overlooking anything else obvious as I am very new to dwm still.

Anyway, until then... Cheers!

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