[dev] Scrollback utility for use with st

From: Lehner Georg <jorge_AT_at.anteris.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 09:42:34 +0200


A non goal of `st` is to provide a scrollback buffer - `dvtm` or `tmux`
is proposed for this task.

Since launching several `st`s already DOES provide multiple terminals I
couldn't see the point in using them. So I decided to rip the session
and window stuff out of `dvtm` and only keep the scrollback buffer

The result is `sb` the scrollback buffer utility. Get it here:


I run it as follows:

        tabbed -c -r 2 st -w '' -t st sb

This gives me a vt environment similar to my battle-scarred
xfce4-terminal but without the steroids AND I can scroll back/forth in
history with Shift-PgUp/Shift-PgDown.

Some notes:

- `sb` does NOT pretend to be a virtual terminal, and leaves the TERM
    variable alone (mostly).

- `sb` features less then 2500 sloc and a 49k binary.
   `dvtm`: 4000+ slock and 55k.

- `dvtm` effectively implements it's own terminal emulator, which
    comprises also most of the remnant code in `sb`.

- `sb` behavior is buggy in several aspects, e.g. window redraw and
   "copy mode".

Maybe someone more savvy with vt than I can help rip out everything
that's not needed.

Best Regards,

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