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From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2020 20:21:32 +0200

Hello Kyryl,


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Mailing list commands
Send a mail from your (not yet) subscribed email address to one of the
following addresses to perform the described action.

After both the subscribe and unsubscribe command, a confirmation email
will be sent to you (so look into your spam bin!)

Note, replace MAILHOST with
dev+subscribe_AT_MAILHOST - subscribe to the mailing list (read/write)
dev+subscribe-digest_AT_MAILHOST - subscribe to the digest version of the
mailing list (read/write) dev+subscribe-nomail_AT_MAILHOST - subscribe
without receiving e-mails from the mailing list (write)
dev+unsubscribe_AT_MAILHOST - unsubscribe from the mailing list
dev+unsubscribe-digest_AT_MAILHOST - unsubscribe from the digest version
dev+unsubscribe-nomail_AT_MAILHOST - unsubscribe from the nomail version
dev+get-N_AT_MAILHOST - retrieve message number N dev+help_AT_MAILHOST -
receive detailed description of the mailing list commands
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